Story Time

Geraldine Brown
Monday 22 May 2023

Children’s judgments of others’ reasons for not fulfilling their obligations

Length: 15–20 minutes.

Reimbursement for taking part: £5 Amazon Gift Voucher 

Devices: Laptops, Desktop Computers and Tablets, Smartphones.

This study is currently recruiting participants from 5 years of age, please click the link below to participate now.


If you’re interested in taking part, please click on the link

The Science

We are university researchers who work with children in order to understand better how they develop. We are conducting a cross-cultural study comparing UK and Chinese children that investigates how children judge others when they did not fulfil their obligations. In particular, we are interested in how children judge them according to the reasons they provide for not fulfilling their obligations.

What happens in this study?

We invite 5-year-old UK citizens who have English as their primary language and typical (or corrected-to-typical) hearing and vision and no severe additional support needs to take part in this research project. You will need a computer/laptop or smartphone with a webcam, and a video calling service like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to complete the study.

Children will watch two short stories in which two individuals failed to fulfil their obligation (either to honour a commitment or to help others), and who then gave good vs. poor reasons for doing so. Children will then be asked to choose between and rate these two individuals in questions involving liking, trust, blameworthiness, and punishment.

The study takes place online with a researcher. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes, and at the end you will be offered a £5 voucher for your child.

If you’re interested in taking part, please click on this link

If you have any questions please contact the researcher, Jinzhi,  at