Hungry Mr Hedgehog

Laras Yuniarto
Wednesday 7 April 2021

Help us study problem-solving by playing a game about a hungry hedgehog!

Length: 20–25 minutes.

Reimbursement for taking part: £5 Amazon Gift Voucher 

Devices: Laptops and desktop computers only, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers only.

This study is currently recruiting participants from 2.5 to 3 years of age, please click the link below to participate now.


Click the link for further information. If you are happy to participate, you will then get a link directly to the study

The Science

In this study, we are investigating how making and correcting one’s own mistakes might help children to problem-solve. The way that children think about a problem becomes more sophisticated as they learn more about it, but children also make many mistakes as they learn. We are interested in how giving children the chance to correct those mistakes fits into the learning process – whether it’s helpful or not, and whether this changes as children get older and are better able to think about their past actions.

What happens in this study?

This game is for to 3 year old children. Your child will meet hungry Mr Hedgehog, who needs help to find snacks in lots of different places! Mr Hedgehog will show your child a snack that he wants, and they can click a button to show him how to reach that snack. (If your child can’t use a mouse, they can tell you where to click for them.) If your child helps Mr Hedgehog get a snack, they’ll see a fun animation of him eating it. There will be audio instructions throughout the game to show your child how to play.

The game will ask to use your computer’s camera so that we can compare where your child is looking onscreen to the clicks that they make. At the end, it will also ask to use your computer’s microphone while you ask your child some optional questions about the game. The game will have between 20–30 trials, and the study will take approximately 20–25 minutes to complete. It can be played using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on a laptop or desktop computer.

If you’re interested in taking part, please fill out this form (link to Qualtrics form)

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